Budgeting time for the future.

I budget a quarter my time for the future. For example, I plant seeds in my balcony today. I harvest them in a few months. I do it for the future. So gardening is included in that quarter of my time for the future. For example, I tune my body precisely in the same way that people adjusted their clocks almost every day in the old days. Even if the clock is 1 minute fast or slow, it makes no difference for most people on that day. But if it continues and builds up, it will be a big problem. My body is the same way. So tuning my body is spending my time for the future.

I usually set aside a quarter of my year, my month and my day and plan for the future. This habit gives me a lot of power to act boldly for important things which are aligned with my life purpose. This habit is like an oil which helps doors open and close smoothly. So I can decrease obstacles and difficulties to do something more than before developing this habit.

I recommend practicing this in your daily life to befriend challenges.