After my intensive one year of taking back subtlety into my body.

As a part of shamanic training, I took back subtlety into my body intensively last year. I have continued to do it, but slower than before. One of the ways I have applied shamanic training is to my shopping habits. One year has passed and now I can buy anything via online shopping without shoes. Before, I was not able to know if something fit me just by looking at images on a website. But now even if it is a new fashion label, I can sense whether it fits me or not without having to try it on. I am expanding that awareness. I hope I can buy shoes online in the future.

Another affect of the training is that I have been able to reduce my dependence on materialism. For example, before, when the oven burner became dirty, I wanted to get a new burner cover within a week. Now I don’t feel the need to replace it right away. Instead, I clean it first and use it longer.

Burner covers help us to make cleanup easier. But even if I do not have burner covers, I can manage it without any problems. When I need to go shopping, maybe Iwill use that opportunity to buy it. I started to think like that with a calm and peaceful mind.

I am very looking forward to seeing myself in one year time. How far will my body take me away from “here”?