“This is my first and last.” — Hiromi Uehara

I was touched by Hiromi Uehara‘s interview. She is a famous jazz pianist. Her story is unique. She has loved music from childhood. Nobody doubted her future as a musician. She also belived it. But she did not choose to go to a college of music. She chose to go to study law at Hosei university. She tried to expand her worldview and develop relationship first. I have resonated with her thinking, so I have kept my eyes on her after knowing that. After she spent a period of time at that university, she felt it was the right time to go to a college of music. So she went to the U.S.

She plays piano using her whole body. She uses facial expressions. She sometimes shakes her head. She sometimes stands up. She is like a dancer who dances with the piano. She said that every time she plays the piano is “my first and last.”

She is inspired by jazz masters like Anthony Jackson, because he always says, “My best performance is the next one.” And he was very excited about turning 80. He is just simply motivated by his passion for music. Hiromi also lives in the same way. The person who makes an overwhelming impact on people’s hearts, always leads by their pure passion.

For me, coaching has always been artistic work. Coaching is an art for me. I also try to do my best in each moment. Each coaching session is my first and last. And I am excited for tomorrow.

I was encouraged by Hiromi and I feel that I am in a place to start again with a pure fresh feeling.