Take back subtlety into your body.

If you are a spiritualist,it would be incredibly hard to maintain your physical body on the Earth. If your body really hear voices from the Earth, I am sure that your body always screams. And we have the seeds of becoming spiritualist in all of us, if you want to grow it.

Our physical body is much more subtle than you think. But most people numb it in both a conscious and an unconscious way. For example, agricultural chemicals, GMO foods , caffeine beverages, big sounds on TV, numb our body.

High speed does not mean highly evolved. But that is the strong belief which we has dominated for a long time. Now children feel that their life is mostly decided by their video game skill like Nintendo DS. Actually Nintendo is a company which was founded in Kyoto. Their work started as Japanese special playing cards which used by limited special people. Then many Kyoto people feels that the society lost their pride. Nintendo is a global company now. But as far as I know, nobody is proud of Nintendo in Kyoto.

In stead of computer skills and game skills, we are losing our subtlety which tells us important intuition and vision. If you want to take it back to be human not a robot, you need to have some distance from many kinds of stimulation; Eating-out, TV, junk food, PCs, iPhones, tatoo, body piercing, noisy music, microwave oven and so on.

You need to practice in order to lessen dependence on plaints, animals and electrifies. I already gave up a rice cooker, vacuum cleaners, music players, TV, DVD player a few years ago. And I decided to switch off my refrigerator during this winter.

This is a very powerful choice for me. Because my life totally depends on my refrigerator. For example, I buy vegetables from farmers at onetime, then I cut them or prepared them and put them in my refrigerator right away.

After I switch off my refrigerator, butter will be melt. I cannot put sliced breads in my freezer. My breakfast especially depends on my refrigerator. Then I started to use non-GMO canola oil instead of butter. dried tofu instead of fresh tofu. And I bake my bread once in three days. I also tried oatmeal for the time. I can eat it instead of rice.

I am changing my pattern of shopping and cooking dynamically. But I feel that I need it to maintain my subtle body. And I know that only my subtle physical body can access to universal truth. This happens to you, too.