Use traditional objects to awaken your inner wisdom.

I stayed in Tokyo for 2 weeks in early March. Because of radiation from Fukusima, yellow sand from China, more increased Japanese cedar pollen than last year as well as global warming, I experienced weird days. One day the sky was covered with a yellow smog, as if we lived in a desert. On another day we experienced July temperatures.

We have raped the Earth for a long time, so we face a critical situation. Metaphoricaly speaking, we wrote this drama and enact it ourselves. We need to face the legacy of the past which our ancestors did for the Earth. I think that this should be our historical detox.

To start detoxing at my place, I have decreased plastic products and home electronics to a minimum in my home. I have carefully chosen sincere farmers and I have supported them in their work for over one year. They use natural farming methods, so I can eat every part of their product. Some research tells us that vegetables and fruit which were grown through natural farming methods will never have traces of radiation. I could reduce my garbage and my worries. I also carefully choose sincere workers who create bamboo products, typographic design, clothes, etc. I also donated my books, which look new, to the library. I sent my extra dishes, which look new, to the homeless people support center.

During that process, I was strongly attracted to traditional objects of daily use made traditionally. And I came to a realization that convenience takes over our body sense. When we open our body sense, it is easy to reach our inner wisdom which sleeps in our body. But if we hide our body sense for some reason, we only use our head which is a part of our body. Then we start to think as if our brain controls everything. That is horrible.

To use traditional objects, we need to widen our consciousness more. Also this brings us more beautiful experiences that we imagined than through our brain. They support us to awaken our inner wisdom immediately which had been asleep in our body. After you let go of convenience, you can get a ticket to access your inner wisdom.

I also started to check my money flows and already changed some of them. We need to see the background of a company and people from the perspective of money. Because money is an energy as the same as language and food. We cannot see our heart in a visible way, but we feel it. On the other hand we can see our money in a visible way. So we need to have open and wide eye and can change our money flow easily. I boycott some shops. This is a simple and very powerful way to detox the legacy of the past.

Today I decided to change my relationship between me and Facebook. Actually I quit Twitter in December. From now on, I use Facebook only for communicating with English speakers. And I keep on exploring the new relationship between me and iPhone. Because I know that precious metals were used to make the iPhone. And to get those metals, we raped the Earth and killed over a million people in mainly Africa. In short, I can touch my iPhone because of many people’s deaths. This is horrible, too.

My suggestion is, let’s change our attitude towards the world. We need to reconnect with the world in a new way in all aspects. We especially need to change our money flow to be a good filter. And use traditional objects to awaken your inner wisdom quickly. We need to awaken our wisdom from our collective consciousness level.