Relax to heal the Earth.

Many people have a tendency to suffer from a stiff neck or poor blood circulation especially in winter. I know that many people use energy healing, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy to improve their physical condition. When you have such a physical condition, your energy is hazy, heavy and bitter. The earth feels bad because of your energy.

Those conditions are also deeply related to your thinking style. If you love making assumptions or making stories without checking the facts, you are more likely to have a stiff neck or poor blood circulation. They become your armor. Armor causes a lot of tension. And it causes an impenetrable closed heart. This thinking style is called negative thinking. Wisdom exists in your body. But when you think negatively, you separate your brain from your body. You cannot access your wisdom at that moment. Therefore you will feel that you are not resourceful.

After you speak from your heart and share your experience with others, you will feel relaxed immediately. Because you don’t need to use your energy to store your feelings and thoughts inside you. You don’t need to use your energy to be on alert. When that energy is released, your stiff shoulders will be gone and you will have good blood circulation. My clients often told me that have good blood circulation after they have me as their coach. When you are whole, your energy is purified, light and sweet. The earth feels good because of your energy.

Negative thinking or suffering from a stiff neck or poor blood circulation creates a bad impact on the Earth, our womb. It is the same as mucking up our room and food. And it mainly causes a human-centered perspective. We had a tendency to focus only on humans. And for that we sacrificed other lives easily. We are one life but sometimes we ignore other lives because of our greed. It creates more tension between humans and other beings. It creates a smoky, heavy and bitter energy. The earth is now getting angry with that. I hear creaking sounds from the Earth, metaphorically speaking.

We need to relax more. At the same time we need to shift from a human-centered perspective to an all-beings-perspective, because we are one. When we truly relax, we will be unconditional love itself.