Love is the only essential need for this world .

On January 30, I completed my 10 months journey which is about organizing the Global Conversation Circle.  After I completed it, personally, one of my surprises was that Mother Teresa became one of my leadership role models.  I loved her and I saw her as a global leader. But I felt that I am very different from Mother Teresa.

Through having conversations with many global citizens for 10 months, I realized that love solves everything.  Love is the only essential need for this world . Even if “love” is a word that is easily misunderstood or misleading, I do not care.  Because such a misunderstanding comes from lack of love. Passion is love. Wanting is love. Belief is love. Trust is love. Being in this moment is love. Lack of love creates all problems. That is what I get from 10 months of conversations.

And also I realized that actually both unconditional love and inner wisdom are the same. Before I separated unconditional love and inner wisdom. But 10 months was enough time for me to integrate them. I think that is one of the outcomes of walking in each others’ shoes.

Instead of being in our heads, we just need to open our hearts to the world. If we open our hearts, we cannot create any misunderstandings and deceptions. For example, discrimination and prejudice comes from closed hearts.

When the earthquakes and tsunami happened in Japan, over 100 countries sent us rescue teams. That was a fabulous moment because we could easily transcend our egos and borders in this world. Deep grief sometimes supports us to be one. And I think that deep grief is created by focusing on what we do NOT HAVE or ARE NOT. What if we focus on what we HAVE or ARE?  Can we support each other the same way we supported each other from deep grief? I think that is a human challenge. Because we are very good at focusing on NOT HAVE or ARE NOT. Then we feel that we are helpless and powerless and that snowballs into anxieties and fears.

When I went to Spain and had a great time with 22 people from 18 countries from 2009 to 2010, my English vocabulary was very limited. At that moment, what I could express was all about “I love” from my perspective. I always said, “I love your way”, “I love you”, or something like that. I felt that I just showed a part of me, like a crescent moon. But when the earthquake happened, I thought I would die soon. And I thought that the most important thing was love. Therefore I realized I did express the most important things for me back in 2009 and 2010.  I just did not know myself then.

What I want to see in the future is that we support each other from unconditional love, not from deep grief. If we can help each other to focus on what we HAVE or ARE, it will be very easy to make a true global harmony and peace. And that means that we can heal the earth, our womb. I don’t know what I can do, but I will keep on exploring my next step, because I want to see such a future.

Miki Yoshino









2012年 2月1日水曜日 朝日新聞夕刊より
アメリカのメリーランド州(東部にあり、ワシントンD.Cに隣接する)で、「自動車が行き交う高速道路を横切るため、多くの野生動物がその下を通る排水路を利用している」という実態が、メリーランド大学環境科学センター(University of Maryland)の調査で、分かったそうです。
◆ 排水路の利用例
・アライグマ:  246か所の排水路で24,800回、野生動物撮影用赤外センサーカメラにて確認される。
・バージニアオポッサム: 103か所の排水路で2169回、野生動物撮影用赤外センサーカメラにて確認される。
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