Some Tricks to Taking Clear (mobile photo)

Since I bought a CASIO mobile phone, I have often used mobile camera.
There are some tricks to taking clear photos with a mobile camera.
I think that Casio makes good quality product except for night photographing.

1: If your mobile camera has five magnifications of zoom in or out, use only the first or second. If you want to zoom in closer, you should approach the object on foot without using level five or four magnification of the zoom feature.
2: Your mobile camera has its own features, like a person does. So you should try every mode which your camera has already been set. For example you should try taking food photos in a person mode and in a food mode, and compare the results.
3: Usually mobile phones have low pixel count, but this isn’t necessarily a bad point, because for example this gives your photo a textured impression. You should make good use of your camera’s feature.
4: Almost as if you and your mobile camera have become one, eventually you will come to pop the shutter before thinking. This is because the moment exists in the moment.

A mobile camera is usually lighter and thus more portable than a digital camera, so whenever you have your mobile phone, you can always get your chance to be a shutterbug.

There is an interesting challenge by professional photographer Robert Clark.
He published his book taken by all mobile camera in 2005.